What Are We Doing?

MATH: This quarter, we dove into division and learned many ways to divide numbers, including long division. Students received a slider to support them in this process to help instill the method. We learned about factors and multiples, which are now helping us in our fraction unit. We have been utilizing our prior knowledge of everything we’ve learned so far this year.


ELA: We have been taking a deeper look at comprehension of text. We continue to pull information and make inferences from text to answer questions. We have been studying the point of view among characters to give us an understanding of perspective to prepare us for a more intricate study of opinion and persuasive writing. For our Vocabulary studies, there are now ELA testing words mixed with our subject area words that we are learning bi-weekly. Working with these words daily implies that their spelling is practiced.


S.S.: We learned all about European Explorers and their goals to find riches, glory, and religion. We also learned how the colonies were discovered and found out how New York received its name. More recently, we have been learning about the American Revolution and the events that eventually led to the colonists revolting against Britain.


SCIENCE: We have been learning about Earth’s landscapes. We have been exploring how rocks are formed, the different types of rock, and how landscapes differ all over the world. Currently, we are starting to dive into Earth’s Natural Disasters.


HANDWRITING: We are diligently learning how to form cursive letters to make letters and words smoothly without lifting the pencil.


HEALTH: Students have been learning about mindfulness and self-care, as well as how nutrition is helpful for your body and mind. We have been studying emotions, how to manage feelings and ways to calm down. We are continuing to do projects with compassion and approaching situations based on our emotions to go hand-in-hand with Caring School Community.


RELIGION: We focused on the importance of role models and their qualities; Jesus Christ is our greatest role model. We learned about the Paschal Mystery and the Sacrament of Baptism (and wiping away Original Sin). We also studied the Beatitudes and ways we are truly happy. We are currently concluding our final chapter of Unit 2 on justice, fairness, and giving to those in need.